Christian Education

Sunday school class at Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Keyport


Gethsemane Lutheran Church offers a wide variety of opportunities for individuals - both young and old alike - to grow in faith through Christian education.

Sunday School

From pre-Kindergarten through the sixth grade, our Sunday School curriculum begins to lay a solid biblical foundation that teaches children to know God, serve Him, and share their story with others.

Sunday School opens each week at 9:15AM with a short worship service in the sanctuary followed by grade specific classes.

First Communion

Instruction in first communion is held during Lent and is open to all children first grade and above. During this time, the entire Sunday School curriculum focuses on the sacrament of communion.


Young members desiring to confirm their faith in Christ receive two years of instruction led by Pastor Thiringer and a team of volunteer adult educators. In addition to learning events, students participate in a variety of service activities. Confirmation class is regularly held on Sunday evenings.

Adult Bible Study

Adult Bible Study provides points of connection for individuals of all ages, life stages and circumstances. It also provides the opportunity for you, as a participant, to build authentic relationships and learn how God wants to be a part of your life. Our classes apply Bible teaching to everyday life in an atmosphere of genuine concern and community.

Bible Study is led by Pastor Thiringer and held each Sunday at 9:15AM.

For more information about Christian Education, please contact the Church Office at (732) 264-8078.

Thursdays 7:00PM
Sundays 8:00AM & 10:30AM